Wednesday, February 12, 2014

South Korea's LIG's Chiron Portable Surface-to-Air Missile at DefExpo 2014

LIG's Chiron portable surface-to-air missile at DefExpo 2014

South Korea's LIG, a contender in the VSHORAD procurement program for the Indian Army, displayed its Chiron portable Surface-to-Air missile at the DefExpo 2014.

The Chiron, which can engage aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs at low levels, is fitted with an IFF system to safeguard against fratricide.

Max range of the Chiron is 7-km and  max altitude, 3.5-km. The Mach 2 missile is 1.6-m long, 8-cm in diameter, and weighs 15-kg.

The missile features a two color IR seeker that can differentiate between flares and the heat from an engine. It's command guided and requires the operator to track the target following launch. It's fragmented warhead is triggered by a proximity fuse.

Besides a man portable single tube launcher, the missile can also be fitted on a four-launcher remotely controlled station giving it additional versatility.

Very Short Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) System (IDP Sentinel)