Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BDL Shows LRSAM with Dual Pulse Motor at DefExpo 2014

LRSAM at BDL pavilion at DefExpo 2014

LRSAM which is set to replace the shorter range Barak missile as the Indian Navy's preferred anti-missile defense weapon is still under development, but BDL, which will locally produce the missile, displayed its model at DefExpo 2014 perhaps signalling that development work is close to completion.

The model showed the internal layout of the missile's USP - a dual pulse smokeless solid fuel motor that provides high maneuver capability at target interception range throughout the missile's wide envelope.

LR/SAM is being jointly developed by DRDO and Rafael with the work split as follows.


Two Pulse Rocket Motor
The rear controller
Thrust Vector Control
Folded Fins
Pneumatic Actuation System
Safe & Arm for Rocket Motor


Multi-function Phased Array Radar
Missile Seeker
The Front Controller
Command electronic
Pulsed Rocket Motor

Those with access to IDP Sentinel can read more about Pulsed Rocket Motor and the LR/MR SAM project at the link below.

Barak-8 / MR-SAM / LR-SAM (IDP Sentinel)

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