Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SAAB RBS15 Mk-3 Mobile Missile Coastal Battery (MMCB) Contender at DefExpo 2014

SAAB RBS-15 at DefExpo 2014
SAAB's RBS15 Mk-3 displayed at DefExpo 2014  is a strong contender for India's planned Mobile Missile Coastal Batteries (MMCB) procurement because of its land attack capability and multiple launch platform options.

The RBS15 has been around for 30 years and has been deployed by several countries on ships, coastal batteries and aircraft for targeting sea based threats. The RBS15 Mk-3 has the ability to also engage land targets, a requirement stipulated in the MMCB RFI released by Integrated Headquarters in October 2013.

The latest air-to-surface version of the missile - RBS15F ER - is capable of engaging sea based threats in open seas or littoral waters.

The RBS15 Mk-3 has a range of 200-km and carries a 200-kg blast and fragmentation warhead triggered by delayed impact (to ensure penetration) or proximity fuse. The sea skimming missile can be programmed to route through numerous vertical and horizontal way points, facilitating over the horizon targeting. It's capable of carrying out random maneuvering during its terminal phase.

The missile uses inertial and GPS navigation. It features a pre-launch programmable radar seeker with ECCM and target discrimination giving it a fire and forget ability.

The sea and land launched RBS15 Mk-3 variant of the missile weighs 670-kg and the air-launched RBS15F ER variant, 600-kg.

Mobile Missile Coastal Battery (MMCB) (IDP Sentinel)

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