Friday, February 7, 2014

Tata Power - Strategic Engineering Division (SED) 155-mm/52-cal MGS at DefExpo 2014

Tata Power SED's 155-mm/52-cal  Mounted Gun System at DefExp0 2014
Tata Power SED's 155-mm/52-cal  Mounted Gun System (MGS) is competing in a global tender to procure 814 155mm / 52 caliber mounted gun systems through a joint venture with the private sector under its artillery modernization program.

The gun  has a range of

  • 31-km with a Boat Tail projectile
  • 42-km with Base Bleed projectile
  • 55-km with V-LAVP projectile

It features a ring laser gyro inertial system, weapon management system and a automatic laying system with joystick control

The gun has a traverse of -3-deg to +75-deg in elevation and 40-deg right and left in azimuth.

You can read more about the Indian Army's 155-mm/52-cal MGS procurement at

155mm / 52 Caliber Mounted Gun System (MGS) (IDP Sentinel)

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