Thursday, February 20, 2014

Club-M Coastal Missile System at DefExpo 2014

Models of the three missiles that comprise the Club-M Coastal Missile Defense System from Novator on display at DefExpo 2014.

Russia is pitching its Club-M Coastal Missile System, comprising of three missiles from the Club family, for India's MMCB requirement. Anti ship and land attack variants of the Club missile already equip several IN ships and the torpedo tube launched variant of the missile arms IN's Kilo class submarines.

The Club-M system can engage targets up to 100-km from the coastline. The 3M-54KE and 3M-54E1 are anti-ship missiles while the 3M-14KE is the land-attack variant.

Club-M Coastal Missile System - Launcher and Radar

The containerized missiles are launched from a transporter launcher with six tubes. The missile can be fired one at a time or in a salvo.

The system comes with a vehicle mounted radar capable of picking up targets as far as 250-km. The missiles can also be targetted using reconnaissance data obtained from UAVs or satellites.

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