Friday, February 7, 2014

Arjun-2 MBT at DefExpo-2014

Arjun Mk-2 on display at DefExpo 2014

DRDO for the first time publicly displayed its Arjun Mk-2 MBT at DefExpo 2014.

The tank is currently undergoing trials. The project has reportedly slipped behind schedule.

In January 2014,  sources told the TOI that Arjun Mk-II has a long way to go before being accepted by the Indian Army.

The Israeli Laser Homing Attack (LAHAT) missile hasn't performed up to expectations. The missile, which is launched from the main gun, lacks accuracy and emits smoke.

DRDO Chief, Avinash Chandra, is reported to have told the press, "Israeli counterparts have been conveyed the issues and asked to rectify the problems at the earliest."

DRDO has fitted the Mk-2 with the same German engine that powers the Mk-1, pending large enough orders from the Army to justify investment in a new engine manufacturing plant.

Almost 55 to 60% of the Arjun's components and major part of the technology is imported, including the engine, engine transmission, gun barrel, computer-controlled integrated fire control system, tracks, suspension, and the Muzzle Reference Systems.

For additional details on the Arjun Mk-2 project, please visit the link below.

Arjun MBT Mk-II (IDP Sentinel)