Saturday, February 15, 2014

Aleesha Low Level Light Weight Radar

BEL Developed Aleesha Low Level Light Weight Radar (LLLR) at DefExpo 2014

BEL displayed the first production version of its Aleesha Low Level Light Weight Radar (LLLR) at DefExpo 2014. The radar is on order by the IAF, which is aiming to achieve gap free surveillance of Indian airspace.

Aleesha is a S-Band, 3D, light weight, battery powered radar with a compact sensor which provides 3D surveillance. This PESA radar uses multiple beams with electronic scanning to automatically detect and track threats - fighter aircraft, UAVs and helicopters (even if hovering) - at low and medium altitudes.

Being light weight, compact and rugged, Aleesha can be rapidly deployed at vantage points such as mountain tops and high rise buildings in urban areas

Low power consumption allows the radar to be battery operated, while mechanical ruggedness facilitate operation in extreme climatic conditions.

The easily transportable radar integrates IFF and can be remotely operated from as far away as 750m to ensure operator safety. The radar can be networked with air defense assets or other radars.

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