Friday, February 7, 2014

Rustom-2: Not Powered by a Turboprop!

Rustom-2 at DefExpo 2014

DRDO on February 6, 2014 unveiled what appears to be a yet to fly prototype of the Rustom-2 MALE UAV at DefExpo 2014.

What is most notable about the UAV is that it does not feature a turboprop engine, as Rustom-2 was expected to do.

Though I have yet to confirm it, the UAV may well be powered by twin diesel engines.

I should have an update tomorrow.

The Rustom-2 was supposed to fly in February 2014 and DRDO may have opted for a diesel engine as an interim power plant.

IDP has learned that DRDO has yet to develop autonomous take-off and landing capability so the initial version of the Rustom-2 will be piloted.

Rustom-2 model on display at Aero India 2013.
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Thum! Kaun Aata Hai?: Rustom-2 Update

For additional details on the Rustom-2 project please visit the link below.

Rustom-2 MALE UAV (IDP Sentinel)

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