Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Russia's Tor-M2KM Anti-missile System Displayed at DefExpo 2014

Tor-M2KM anti-missile system at DefExpo 2014

Russia for the first time displayed its Tor-M2KM anti-missile system outside the country at the DefExpo 2014. The weapon system developed by Russia's Kupol Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant JSC (a subsidiary of Almaz Antey Concern PVO) is a contender in the SR-SAM procurement for the Indian Army.

The system displayed at DefExpo 2014 from February 6 to February 9 was the real deal, not a mock-up. It was shipped after extensive trials at Russia's Kapustin Yar range where it went through cruise tests on a special track, and completed three combat runs against Saman targets.

The system will participate in the SR-SAM evaluation trials starting in Spring 2014.

The Tor-M2KM is a point defense weapon system that can engage low flying aircraft as well as cruise missiles. The system - Missiles, Radars, Gensets, Communication link - was displayed mounted on a single all terrain vehicle, but the system is modular and can be installed independently of the vehicle on rooftops,  defensive structures of major cities and nuclear power plants. Russia offers a containerized variant of the Tor-M2KM that can be placed on the decks of low tonnage ships.

Russia says the Tor-M2KM is primarily meant to neutralize precision guided bombs and cruise missiles of all kinds, including anti-ship. Aircraft, including fighters, are an easy kill for the system.

The Tor-M2KM can engage targets up to 15-km away flying as high as 10-km. It features modern electronics and radar capable of detecting and handling up to 48 targets, automatically determining the 10 most dangerous threats.

Tor-M1 Specs

Simultaneously processed detected targets, pcs. - 48
Number of simultaneously tied runs (target + jamming direction) - 10 (9 +1)
SOC detection range, km - 27
Range target tracking, CH, km - 25
Temp review SOC space with the period from - 1

The affected area, km:

in range - 1,0-12
height - 0,01-9
the parameter - 8

The probability of hitting a SAM - 0,56-0,98
Maximum speed of the targeted objectives, m / s - 700

Average response time while shooting with:

with position (parked) - 7.4
with a short stop - 9.7

Shortest response time, s - 4.8
The average flight speed Zour, m / s - 600
Method guidance - radio command
Aerodynamic design Zour - "duck"
Missile weight, kg - 168
Warhead weight, kg - 14.5
Channel on the target - 2
Ducted by SAM - 2
Deployment time (clotting), min. - 3
A method of loading a combat vehicle modules - 4 SAM
Loading time rockets, mines. - 20
Ammunition Zour on combat vehicle, pcs. - 8
Maximum speed, km / h - 65
Weight, t - 37
Mated with CVT - UBKP 9S737
Combat Crew. - 4
Year of adopting - 1991

SR-SAM for Indian Army - IDP Sentinel