Friday, February 14, 2014

Schilka ZSU-23-4 Upgrade

BEL's Schilka ZSU-23-4 Upgrade at DefExpo 2014
BEL is upgrading Schilka lightly armored tanks equipped with the ZSU-23-4 gun system. Primarily developed to engage low flying aircraft, Schilka  tanks were imported from Russia in 1984-85 and have been in use since.

Around 80-90 tanks still remain in service. The original technology that went into the weapon system has now hopelessly outdated. As a result, BEL has been tasked to completely refit the system to extend its service life.

BEL, in a tie up with an Ukrainian firm,  won the contract to overhaul the tanks in a global tender, outbidding the original Russian manufacturers.

BEL is not just replacing the existing systems (Radar, analog computer, engine, GTE ) with more modern one, but adding new features to increase crew comfort and safety. This upgraded system has dramatically improved operational performance and accuracy and MTBF with much lower power consumption. An electro-optical system has been added, which operates in parallel with the radar enabling accurate identification, acquisition and tracking of targets while operating in an ECM environment.

The upgraded Schilkas feature

  • 3D Active Phased Array Radar
  • Single Target Tracking
  • Multiple Target Tracking due to Electronic Steering in Elevation
  • ECCM Features
  • Low Output Power
  • Optronic System (CCD / TI / LRF)
  • Operator Comfort with Air Conditioner
  • User Friendly Operator Displays
  • New Engine with drastic reduction in fuel consumption
  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) protection system

They have the ability to engage aerial targets while on the move during day or night and in all weather conditions. They can be cued using an external Surveillance Radar. 

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