Friday, February 28, 2014

Indian Army Pushes F-INSAS, Night Fighting Capability Improvement Programs

F-INSAS equipment at BEL pavilion at DefExpo

The Indian Army appears to have resumed F-INSAS related procurement with renewed vigor.  On February 27, 2014 it released a RFI for procurement of Night Sight for 7.62-mm Light Machine Gun. The sights are to be used on 7.62-mm LMGs that are being separately procured.

Army wants a light weight,  rugged uncooled Thermal Imaging (TI) sight than can engage human target at the effective range of 800m and above.

Earlier on February 25, 2014, Army released a RFI for Procurement of Passive Night Sight (PNS) for Rifle AK-47. The requirement is for a light weight, rugged, passive night sight based on Image Intensifier Technology that can be fitted on AK-47 rifles to facilitate accurate engagement of pin point target at night/ hours of darkness/ indoor dark areas. 

The TOI reported on February 25, 2014 that the DAC had cleared the purchase of 4,000 hand-held thermal imagers for soldiers (Rs 1,400 crore) and  5,000 thermal imaging sights for tanks and infantry combat vehicles (Rs 2,825 crore) at its meeting on February 24, 2014.

IDP Sentinel members can access more details at the link below

Futuristic Infantry Soldier-As-A-System (F-INSAS) (IDP Sentinel)