Saturday, February 15, 2014

Akash Missile Model at DefExpo 2014 Showing Missile's Integrated Ramjet Rocket Propulsion

Akash Missile Model at DefExpo 2014 Showing the Missile's Integrated Ramjet Rocket Propulsion 
Bharat Dynamic Limited (BDL) displayed a model of the Akash showing the missile's unique propulsion system based on what was employed by the Russians for the SA-6 missile.

The ramjet-rocket propulsion combination provides thrust to the missile right through to target engagement, ensuring the missile can maneuver at high G till impact. The missile is initially propelled by its solid fuel rocket motor. When the solid fuel burns out completely its containers serves as the combustion chamber for the ramjet engine.

Most other surface-to-air missiles, including the U.S. Patriot and the Russian S-300 series, use solid-fuel rocket propulsion.

The all weather Akash features a digitally-coded command guidance system and a 60-kg warhead.

The fully-automated Akash has an 88% kill probability within a specified kill zone and DRDO claims it has intercepted a target with a 0.02 sqm radar cross-section (a fighter has a 2 sqm)

According to DRDO, the missile is capable of engaging cruise missiles.

Akash is supported by multi-target and multi-function phased array fire control radar called 'Rajendra' that has a range of about 60 km.

The Akash missile system is mobile, with the missile launcher, radar and  command center all mounted on T-72 chassis.

Those will access to IDP Sentinel can read more about the Akash system at the link below.

Akash Missile (IDP Sentinel)

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