Wednesday, February 12, 2014

IJT HJT-36 Sitara Stall Trials within a Month

IJT HJT-36 Sitara model on display at the HAL pavilion at DefExpo 2014

Speaking exclusively to IDP Sentinel at DefExpo 2014, an HAL rep said that the HJT-36 IJT is likely to commence stall tests within a month. HAL has identified the point on the wing where the boundary layer flow is breaking up leading to a wing premature drop and would use strakes to energize the body layer.

In the meantime, the aircraft has been steadily meeting other IOC testing benchmarks. HAL is confident that the aircraft will be able to obtain IOC by the revised date of June 2014.

Problems with the NPO Saturn AL-55I engine have also been sorted out and the engine overhaul life has been extended.

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Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) Sitara HJT-36 (IDP Sentinel)