Monday, September 30, 2013

Nag ATGM: No Man Portable, Mast Mounted, Tactical Aircraft Versions Planned

Nag ATGM at Aero India 2011. Photo Credit: Vijainder K Thakur

The TOI reported on September 24, 2013 that DRDO is developing a mast mounted ground launched version of the Nag ATGM with increased range of 7 km and lock on after launch capability. The TOI report didn't specify where the mast would be mounted - presumably, on the NAMICA vehicle - but said the launch pad would be hydraulically raised to a height of 5 m to enable the missile to acquire its targets up to a distance of 7-8km.

The TOI report also said that DRDO was developing

  1. A man portable version of the missile on request from the IA
  2. An air-launched, 10-km range variant of the missile for launch from tactical interdiction aircraft like the upgraded Jaguar IS. The version would feature a nose-mounted mill metric-wave active radar seeker.

DRDO has now clarified to Thumkar that the TOI report is erroneous.

According to DRDO Director of Public Interface Ravi Kumar Gupta, while DRDO is working on continually improving the Nag missile there is just one variant of the missile currently under development - Helina.

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