Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Helina Air Launched ATGM Successfully Tested

Nag ATGM at DefExpo 2006. Photo Credit: Vijainder K Thakur

The Helina ATGM was successfully tested at Pokharan range against a target 7 km away on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The missile was fired from a launch pad simulating a low flying helicopter.

The test was the second live firing of the complete Helina system.

First fight test of the 7-km range missile was carried out in early 2012. The missile successfully demonstrated its lock-on-after-launch capability during the test but failed to hit the target because of some problem with the actuators.

Helina is the helicopter launched version of the Nag missile.

Unlike the shorter range Nag, which acquires a target lock before launch, Helina features a "lock-on after launch" capability.

Helina missiles will arm the weaponized version of Dhruv ALH which will carry 8 missiles in 2 quadruple launchers mounted on either side, linked to a nose-mounted stabilized thermal sight and a laser range-finder package.

You can read more about the Helina ATGM and its land based version Nag at the link below.


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