Friday, September 20, 2013

Japan to Develop Radar Capable of Detecting Stealth Aircraft

Sukhoi T-50 Stealth Fighter

Japan has initiated a $3.7 billion project to develop a radar that can detect contemporary stealth fighters within 10 years according to a news report.

Japan estimates that China would be in a position to deploy around 200 J-20 stealth fighters by 2025. Similarly, the Russian T-50 would be extensively deployed. Japan's relations with both the countries are strained over territorial disputes.

Japan has opted for a "defensive defense" posture to counter the stealth capabilities of the two aircraft by building a radar that is capable of "vigilant monitoring."

Current radar technology can detect stealth aircraft using longer wavelengths, but cannot track them accurately for missile engagement, since the longer radar wavelength makes it difficult to pinpoint the position of the aircraft.

So what is "vigilant monitorying?" A Google translation artifact? An innocent non technical statement? Or new technology that uses smart realtime extrapolation to pinpoint a stealth target?

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