Thursday, April 3, 2014

Indian Army Initiates Procurement of Towed Air Defense Guns

L-70 AD Gun Indian Army. Photo Courtesy Indian Army

The Indian Army is planning to procure towed Air Defense (AD) Guns and ammunition with Maintenance Transfer of Technology (MToT). The new AD Guns will presumably replace the L-70 AD guns currently in service.

The Army has released a RFI from OEMs/Vendors in India for a gun that is capable of engaging air targets during day and night using Fire Control Radar and  Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS). The gun should also be capable of engaging air targets passively, without the Fire Control Radar. Preferred gun caliber is 30-mm or above; the guns are required to be broad gauge transportation compatible.

The Army wants a gun that can effectively engage targets in mountainous terrain.

Self Propelled AD Gun and Missile System

In January 2010, the Indian Army released a RFI for procurement of Self Propelled AD Gun Missile System. The Army is looking for an all weather engagement capable system, with the gun and missiles mounted on the same or different vehicles. If they are mounted on the same vehicle, either the guns or the missile should be slaved to the fire control radar. If they are mounted on different vehicles, the gun should be slaved to the fire control radar. The gun must also be capable of engaging aerial targets with or without the fire control radar.

The gun should have a effective range of 2,500-m or more and be capable of engaging targets to an altitude of 1,500-m. The missile system should have an effective range of 5-km or more and be capable of engaging targets travelling upto speeds of 500-m/sec with an SSKP of not less than 70%.

The rail transportable system should be capable of moving 50 Km cross country in a day with on board fuel tank and in addition be able to operate for eight hours in a day without refueling.

Hybrid BIHO 30mm Gun and Missile Air Defense System

Tata Power SED is collaborating with South Korea's Doosan DST to produce a hybrid version of Doosan's 30mm BIHO Self Propelled anti-aircraft gun system. The hybrid system will field the existing twin 30mm guns as well as VSHORAD missiles and will be mounted on chassis of K-21 IFV manufactured by Doosan DST, but the hull and chassis of the IFV will be manufactured, using alternate material, based on Doosan TOT,  at Tata's new manufacturing facility being set up on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

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