Friday, April 25, 2014

Indian Navy Initiates Procurement of Advanced Close In Weapon System (CIWS) for New Warships

The Kashtan CIWS fitted on IN Talwar class frigates.

The Indian Navy has initiated procurement of 20-30 mm Close in Weapon System along with the associated electro-optical surveillance cum tracking radar, integrated surface to air missile and gun control systems.Earlier this month the service sent RFI's to vendors known to be producing such systems.

The Navy intends to procure approx 25 in number 20-30 mm Close in Weapon Systems (CIWS) comprising of the following sub-systems:-

  1. A surveillance-cum-tracking radar. 
  2. An Electro Optical (EO) system. 
  3. Integrated Surface to Air (SAM) system. 
  4. A 20-30 mm caliber gun along with gun control system. 

The CIWS should be optimized for both surface and air engagement, by day and night, of low and high flying, sea skimming air targets and attack craft, boats, mines, objects floating on water surface, and other similar surface targets.

The Navy wants an automatic search and track capability against anti-ship sea skimming missiles and approaching attack crafts.

The CIWS should be able to generate Fire Control Solution (FCS) and control an associated gun. It should be possible to interface the CIWS with the ship's Combat Management System (CMS)

Vendors are required to indicate their willingness for ToT, including critical technologies, elaborating range and depth of ToT being offered. They are also required to confirm their willingness to provide offsets as laid down in DPP-2013 if value of the contract exceeds Rs 300 crore.

Last date for responding to the RFI is May 30, 2014.  The vendors short listed for issue of RFP would be intimated.

India's OFB locally manufactures the AK-630 CIWS comprising of 6x30mm guns and the MP-123 "Vympet" fire control radar under a TOT agreement with Russia. The system is fitted on recently acquired Russian ships.

India's Talwar class stealth frigates acquired from Russia are fitted with 2 x Kashtan Close In Weapon System (CIWS) with twin GSh-30K six-barrel 30 mm rotary cannons and  2 x 4 tubes to launch 64 9M311 missiles.Project 15 destroyers made at Mazagon Docks are also fitted with the Kashtan system.

However, the Navy now wants to procure a better CIWS as standard fit for its new warships including INS Vikramadity and the Project 15A destroyers currently being fitted at MDL,

Recent Navy RFIs (IDP Sentinel)

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