Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Question for Praveen Swami, Which The Hindu Won't Let me Ask?

Heron UAV of IN.

In an op-ed titled The looming debate over drones in The Hindu, Praven Swami makes a case that attacking terrorists and their supporters with drones, as the US does, is unethical.

I posted the following comment on the op-ed, but The Hindu refused to carry it.

"After a very rational discussion, the author, almost quixotically, invokes the imperatives of due process and criminal justice in dealing with terrorists and those abetting terrorism.

'That might be acceptable in war — but it is not in fighting insurgencies against citizens.'

Terrorism is war, a war of the worst kind, where the aggressor targets innocents, without provocation or warning.

The US has declared a war on terrorism and its use of drones to surgically strike the enemy and those abetting the enemy is justified.

Criminal justice has no place in war.

A country has the right to declare war when a conflict that endangers its existence cannot be resolved through talks. If India declares war on terrorism, its use of drones would be justified.

If a man is holding a gun to my head, I would want the police to shoot him dead with the first bullet. In similar circumstances, would the author prefer the man holding the gun be given a chance to explain his conduct in court?"

I like to ask simple question... because they are difficult to evade.

BTW, Praveen Swami appears unaware of the fact that India currently doesn't have armed UAV's with which to attack terrorists. But then journalists have to write something...

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