Thursday, October 29, 2015

RCI Developing 275-kgf Thrust Cruise Missile Engine

GTRE developed Manik 425-kgf thrust turbojet at Aero India 2015

RCI is developing a 275 kgf thrust Small Gas Turbine Jet Engine (SGTJE) to power a UCAV capable of cruising at 0.8M at SL. 

RCI will take assistance from NAL's Propulsion Division for design and analysis, engine cycle analysis and configuration of the turbojet engine. 

RCI has also sought private sector, Indian or foreign, participation in the detailed design of the 275-kgf thrust SGTJE. 

Project duration is specified as one year from project start.

Possible Application

The engine is required to be air start capable suggesting it is being developed for a cruise missile. The 275-kgf thrust requirement suggests a relatively smaller, possibly air launched, cruise missile. 

It maybe noted that the Nirbhay, powered by a 500-kgf thrust Saturn engine, would hopefully be replaced by the 425-kgf Manik engine being developed by GTRE. 

Other Cruise Missile Engine Projects

Besides RCI and GTRE, HAL is also developing a 400-kgf thrust Small Gas Turbine for Strategic Application,, based on the PTAE-7 which powers the Lakshya PTA.

IDP Sentinel members can read additional details and specifications of the SGTJE at the link below

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