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News Roundup: Yantar Shipyard Seeks Indian Partner for P 11356 Frigate Construction, Helina ATGM Trials

INS Tarkash during PM's day at sea on board INS Vikramaditya to  dedicate the aircraft carrier to the nation on June 15, 2014. Visible in the background is another Talwar class stealth frigate (INS Talwar or INS Teg firing its Kashtan CIWS missiles)

Russia's Yantar Shipyard Seeks Indian Partner for Make-in-India Project 11356 Frigates

India and Russia have been negotiating a third contract for supply of 3 additional Project 11356 class frigates since 2009.

India has earlier procured 6 ships of the class through two contracts for 3 ships each.

RIA Novosti reported on May 20, 2015 that the Indian government wants to jointly produce project 11356 frigates in an Indian shipyard.

Oleg Shumakov, director of the Yantar Shipyard, told RIA Novosti that the Indian Navy "needed three-four more vessels of that class. Currently, they are examining a scenario to produce such ships at home, of course, with our participation and under our guidance."

Shumakov added, "According to our plan, those ships will be of the same class, but with different weapons. Weaponry progresses non-stop, so, I think, the new vessel will be equipped with something more advanced. However, as for its seagoing capabilities, it will be the same."

According to the Business Standard Yantar shipyard is negotiating with Larsen & Toubro's Katupalli shipyard, at Ennore, Tamil Nadu; Pipavav Shipyard in Gujarat; and Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL) in Kochi, Kerala for building the three warships.

Once Yantar formalizes a tie-up, the Indian navy will initiate procurement by releasing a tender.

There maybe an interesting twist to the Make-in-India theme of the additional procurement on account of the Ukraine crises.

Project 11356 ships are powered by 4 x Zorya Gas Turbines in a (Combined Gas and Gas) COGAG arrangement with two FP propellers. The Zorya Gas Turbines are supplied by Ukraine.

Yantar Shipyard is in the process of building 5 Project 11356 warships for the Russian Navy. The ships are in different stages of construction. Three ships have already been fitted with the Ukrainian engines. Kiev, which is at loggerheads with Moscow over the secession of Crimea) has refused to supply engines for the fourth and fifth frigates!

Recently, there were reports in the Russian press that the two ships might be transferred to India. A source in the Defense Ministry told  Lenta.ru that once the ships are in India, Ukraine will have no problems supplying engines for them.

The Indian Navy initially acquired three Project 11356 Talwar Class stealth Missile Frigates (Russian modified Krivak III class) from Shipyards of St. Petersburg in Russia - INS Talwar (2002), Trishul (2003) and Tabar (Jul 2004).

The Navy procured three more ships of the class through a follow-up order for three more Talwar Class Missile Frigates - INS Teg (2012), INS Tarkash (2012), and INS Trikand (2013).

The new missile frigates, built by Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad, are designed to accomplish a wide range of maritime missions, primarily hunting down and destroying large surface ships and submarines.

The ships procured against the follow-up order differ in their sensor and weapon fit. Most significantly, the new ships feature the vertical launch version of the Brahmos missile instead of Russian VLS Klub.

Negotiations are also underway for the overhaul of the first lot of three ships supplied to the Indian Navy.

IDP Sentinel members can read additional details at Project 11356 Talwar Class Missile Frigates (IDP Sentinel)

Helina ATGM Undergoing Air Launch Trials

The Helina missile is undergoing operational trials against static and moving targets at ranges varying from 4-km to 7-km. The missile has been fitted with an improved 'IIR seeker.'

The missile was operationally tested from a helicopter platform for the first time in July 2015. [via TOI]

Vara Prasad, project director for HeliNa, told the press that the missile was test launched from a HAL Rudra 3 times and it hit the target on 2 occasions.

The target range varied from 4-km to 7-km.

"The observations are yet to be evaluated," said Prasad, adding that these development trials would pave the way for the 'deliverable stage' in the near future.

MoD's end of year report for 2014 states, Helina was successfully integrated with ALH (Rudra) after successful trials.

The missile with capability to defeat futuristic armors underwent successful ground launch field trials in June 2014. It was earlier tested in September 2013

IDP Sentinel members can read additional details at Nag / Helina Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) - IDP Sentinel

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