Thursday, July 16, 2015

News Roundup: Submarine Rescue Ship, Indradhanush 2015, Tech Tie-ups for Minesweepers

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Indian Navy Negotiating Purchase of Submarine Rescue Ship from Russia

India is reportedly negotiating with Russia for the purchase of its P 21300 class Submarine rescue ship. The Russian Navy is expected to commission the first ship of the class, Igor Belousov, later this year.

"There have been some specific requests from the Indian Navy and we are taking them in account when offering a product from our side. A presentation was also made for the Indian Navy on board the first vessel of the P 21300 class at our shipyard," Alexander Buzakov, Chief Executive Officer of Russia's Admiralty Shipyards told ET in July 2015.

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Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) Finalizing Tech Tie-ups for Minesweeper Project

Goa shipyard is negotiating technology tie-ups for building mine sweepers  with South Korean yard Kangnam Corporation and Italian shipbuilder Intermarine. The two firms competed in the 2008 global tender for supply of 8 Mine Counter Measures Vessels (MCMVs) to the IN. The contract was awarded to Kangam but the procurement process was cancelled due to alleged irregularities by Kangam. The MoD has since "nominated" GSL to build the MCMVs with foreign collaboration through a fresh tender.

GSL chairman Rear Admiral Shekhar Mital (retd) had told the press in March 2015, "We don't have the technology. That is why we are going to import it. GSL has a capacity to absorb the technology,"

"We will take minimum possible technology from abroad," he added.

GSL estimates that the minesweepers would have at least 60% indigenous content.

Mittal told HT on July 15, 2015 that the Navy is finalizing specifications for the vessels and GSL should be ready to issue a tender by September-end.

GSL estimates that it will be able to start constructing the vessels in 2018 with the first ship rolling out in 2021.

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Indradhanush 2015

Indradhanush is a bilateral exercise between the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Royal Air Force (RAF).

The fourth edition of the bilateral exercise is being held at RAF Waddington. The 10-day exercise is due to begin on July 21.

The Indian contingent comprises 190 personnel including Garud special forces, Su-30 fighters, IL-78 tankers, C-17 strategic and C-130J tactical airlift aircraft.

The IAF aims to demonstrate its power projection ability through a transcontinental deployment.

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