Monday, March 23, 2015

Brahmos-A ALCM Aero India 2015 Photos and Update

First Su-30MKI modified to carry Brahmos-A ALCM at Aero India 2015
The IAF received the first BrahMos missile integrated Su-30MKI from HAL during Aero India 2015. The second Brahmos capable Su-30MKI is expected to be delivered in 13 months.

Ten tests of the Brahmos-A will be conducted by through the year 2015, before the missile is inducted into service in 2016.

Rear view of Brahmos-A mounted on the reinforced center-line pylon of IAF''s first Su-30MKI modified to carry the 2.5-ton ALCM as seen at Aero India 2015

In May, a test flight with the launching system for the missile will be conducted.

The Russian press has given extensive coverage to Brahmos-A. The following tweet is interesting.

Brahmos is a big missile, but note how the Su-30MKI makes it look small!

IDP Sentinel members can read more about the Brahmos-A at the link below.

Brahmos-A ALCM Variant (IDP Sentinel)

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