Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DRDO to Fast Track Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) Development

Scale model of AMCA on display at Aero India 2013 in Bengaluru

DRDO Chief Avinash Chander recently told the press that the AMCA project would be fast tracked.

He said DRDO has identified certain key areas to focus upon, including UAVs and AMCA.

“We are giving UAVs a push in a big way. That is one of the key areas along with Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, ammunition etc.,” he said.

The GOI has yet to sanction development of prototypes, so the tenor of the DRDO chief's statement could well indicate that a nod from the Modi government would be forthcoming.

In 2013, there were press reports that the AMCA project had been shelved.

On May 17, 2013, DRDO Chief VK Saraswat refuted the reports telling PTI, "Currently, it is in the design stage. A good work is being done. After this we will go to government which will take a year's time'. There are three major technologies along with lot of associated technologies which have to be developed. DRDO was developing this."

He added that no decision had been taken so far on shelving the project by DRDO, HAL or Defense ministry.

Some of the new technologies that ADA wishes to incorporate in the AMCA include a FBW control system with photonic interface to reduce the length of wires (fly-by-light).

DRDO also plans to develop a completely new engine with foreign collaboration for the AMCA.

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