Sunday, March 2, 2014

Varunastra Heavy Weight Torpedo User Trials Poised to Start

Varunastra Heavy Weight torpedo at DefExpo 2012
The Hindu reported on March 2014 that Varunastra is set to be handed over to the Navy for user evaluation trials (UETs) scheduled for mid year.

Meanwhile, Bharat Dynamics Ltd., which will manufacture the torpedo for the Navy, has positioned a team at the Talwar facility at NSTL  to observe development and assembly of the prototypes in order to fast track production.

Varunastra a 1,500-kg ship launched torpedo with a max range of 30-km is capable of autonomously locating and attacking an enemy sub, allowing the launching ship to stay out of harm's way.

The torpedo has been designed and developed by the Naval Science and Technology Laboratory (NSTL) and DRDO.

Varunastra Heavy Weight Torpedo (IDP Sentinel)

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